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Subtleties&Stuffe Florio on Sugar and Sweets

Florio, John. A vvorlde of wordes, or Most copious, and exact dictionarie in Italian and English, collected by Iohn Florio. London: By Arnold Hatfield for Edw. Blount, 1598. The book is catalogued under the subject heading: Italian language -- Dictionaries -- English. Born in London, John Florio was the son of an Italian scholar who fled to England. An author and translator, he created his Italian/English dictionary first in 1598 and enlarged it for re-publication as Queen Anna's New World of Words in 1611. Reading through the 1598 edition of Florio, one encounters a number of words dealing with sugar and confections. These include the following:

Berlingozzo,a kinde of bisket, simnell, or sugar bread
Cannamella,a kinde of musicall instrument or pipe. Also a sugar cane.
Cialdaro, a wafrer or wafer maker.
Cialde, bread made with honie, sugar bread. Also wafers or simnels. Also flakes of snowe.
Cialdonaro, Cialdaro, a wafer maker.
Cialdoni, wafers, long wafers that are rouled vp.
Ciambellaro, a maker of wafers, simnels or buns.
Ciambelle, little manchets, rowles, buns or cakes of bread. Also wafers.
Confertini, a kind of spice or sugar bread.
Confettare,to comfite or to candie, to preserue with sugar.
Confettaro, a comfit-maker.
Confetti, Confettioni, comsets.
Confettiera, a sugar boxe, a comfet boxe.
Confettinaro, a comfet maker.
Confettionale, confectionall. Confettionario, a confectionarie, or confet maker.
Confittaro, as Confettaro.
Confitti, Confittioni, as Confetti.
Confortini, a kinde of simnell or ginger bread. Also little comforts.
Coppetta, a little cup or goblet. Also a kinde of countrie cake or sugar bread.
Diatragante, certaine sugar pellets.
Inzuccherare, to sugar, to candie, to comsit, to couer with sugar.
Inzuccherata,any paste candied or made of sugar, a sugar cake.
Melare,  to sweeten with honie.
Melato, sweetned with honie, honied, sweete, of the colour of honie.
Mele,bonie. Also any kinde of apples.
Mele cotogna, a quince.
Mele d'api,stone-honie, bee-honie.
Mele di canna, hath bin vsed for sugar.
Mostacciuoli, a kind of sugar or ginger-cake, or simnell.
Neuola, as Nebbia. Also a kind of simnell, wafer, cracknell or sugar bread.
Obiata, are properly thinne wafers, or sugar-bread.
Occhietti,small or little eyes, or oylet holes, a kinde of sugar or ginger bread.
Pane di zuccaro, a sugar loafe.
Saccaro, a kinde of hawke called a Sakre. also a kind of tree which yeeldeth sugar 
Sembolélli, a kinde of simnell or sugar-bread.
Zuccaro, sugar.
Zuccherare, to sugar, to candie, to preserue or dresse with sugar.
Zuccheraio,a sugar-maker, a comfetmaker, a preseruer, a candier.
Zuccherini, a kind of sweete meate made of sugar like marchpane, of which they make of diuers formes and fashions, as of beasts and birds.
Zucchero, sugar.
Zuccheroso, sweete, candied, full of sugar, sugrie.


Bassotta,a kinde of cake.
Bracciatéllo, Bracciéllo,a kinde of cake, bun, rowle, simnell, bisket or ginger bread.
Capriata,a cheese-cake or such other meat made of goates milke.
Cepola,a kinde of cheese cake.
Cofaccia,a cake, a whitepot, a cheesecake.
Coppetta,a little cup or goblet. Also a kinde of countrie cake or sugar bread.
Cubaita,a kinde of sweete cake or marchpane.
Cupéta,a march pane or sweete cake.
Focaccia,any kinde of cake.
Fogaccia,a cake, a cheese-cake.
Fogacciera,a cake-maker.
Fugaccia, Fugazza,a cake, a tarte, a cheese cake.
Fugacciera, Fugacciara,a woman cake-maker.
Impignoccato,candied or preserued with confets of pine apples.
Montiana,a kind of cheese-cake or tarte.
Mostacciuoli,a kind of sugar or ginger-cake, or simnell.
Orinda,a kinde of bread or cake made with honie and pepper, and of orindo meale.
Ostia,the hoast, a wafer-cake made for an hoast, a sacrifice.
Pasta regia,a confection or sweete paste
Pinza,a tarte, a white-pot, or a cake.
Pitta,a cake, a tarte, a whitepot.
Rosata,a rose cake, rosed, smelling of roses, made of roses.
Schiacciata,any kinde of broad or flat cake.
Schiacciatina,a little thinne, flat cake.
Sosamele,a kinde of sugar bread or cake.
Statccia,a cake, a tarte. Also any flat thing or pye plate.
Stacciata,a cake or tarte of sifted meale.
Stacciatura,any maner of sifting. ...
Taréllo,a kind of cheese or sweet cake.
Torta,a tart, a cake, a custard, a white-pot, a pudding-pie, a florentine.
Tortano,a kind of white-pot, pudding-pie, or cheese-cake.
Tortaro,a tarte or pudding-pye-maker.

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