Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Subtleties&Stuffe The Thirteenth Post

The Thirteenth Post

Celebrating Subtleties and the Pleasures of Research and Re-Creation of Sugar Delightes

Why is a raven like a writing desk? 

Or why a blog? And why now?

Because by now I have an accumulation or a gathering of knowledge about a subject of interest to a number of readers. Notes, paragraphs, research, posts to various lists, accumulated knowledge. Time to do something with it all.

I thought about publishing  a Compleat Anachronist, but 60 pages was a bit of a problem for a topic this varied and complex. Besides my work already appears in a CA. And others have recently written on various CAs covering aspects of the topic. E-publication or an e-book is still a possibility and remains an option. Just publish a regular book or pamphlet. Been there and done that too. A thesis ... The book on oranges, citrus, recipes, and orange and citrus lore was nearly 300 pages. A CD .. Done that too many times to count. An academic book, yes. Done that also.

Articles or series of articles. I write all the time. I had 37 articles published in 2013. I have ten articles already submitted in 2015. It seems I am either researching, writing, submitting, or readying any number of articles for publication or have them in press at any one time. 

So that leaves a blog and maybe eventually a book on the topic. In a way I am compiling a commonplace book (commonplace blog) then on the topic of Subtleties&

Subtleties& was the original name but when I finally signed on to name the blog, it was taken or not allowed!  In the end I went back to using a blog I created but never used from 2010.  This was Not So Commonplace. I then added Subtleties & Stuff as the subtitle. The point in December 2014 was to get started and start posting. Then of course I took January off. I researched things but no blogging. 

SO... The topic is subtleties and sugar stuff of all sorts.*** 

And it's distinctively mine for personal reasons. And face it, part of the motivation for this blog is the Society's A&S 50 Challenge is wrapping up and somehow 50 posts in a blog amuses me as I complete my personal Five Times Fifty Challenge. Yes, 250 items, Folks! 

(***Plus possibly some notes eventually on tableware, food in art, and esoteric items of interest. Books, of course. Resources, yes.)

Exploration, education, and entertainment for a like minded community and audience.

Why is a raven like a writing desk? Well maybe one of these days the ravens will suddenly appear and I will explain the ravens and desks, but meanwhile I hope you find it all informative and entertaining.

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