Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Subtleties&Stuffe Massialot on Sugar Boiling Part II

Massialot's instructions continue with the instructions for the Pearled, Blown, and Feathered stages.

The Pearled Boiling.

         After having boil’d your sugar, a little longer, re-iterate the same experiment, and if in separating your Finger, as before, the String continues sticking to both, the Sugar is Pearled. The greater Pearled Boiling is when the String continues in like manner, altho’ the Fingers were stretched out farther, by entirely spreading the Hand. This sort of Boiling may also be known by a round Pearls, that arise on top of the Liquor. [p 2]

The Blown Blowing.

When your Sugar has boil’d a few more Walms, hold the Skimmer in your Hand, and having shaken it a little, as before, beating the side of the Pan, blow thro’ the Holes of it, from one side to the other; and if certain Sparks as it were, or small Bubbles fly out, the Sugar is come to the degree of Boiling, call’d Blown. [p 3]

The Feathered Boiling.

         When after some other Seethings, you blow thro’ the Skimmer, or shake the Spatula with a Back-stroke, till thicker and larger Bubbles rise up on high, then the Sugar is become Feathered: And when after frequent Tryals, you perceive these Bubbles to be thicker, and in greater quantity, so that several of them stick together, and form as it were a flying Flake; then the Sugar is greatly Feathered. [p 3]

as found in
Massialot, François. “New Instructions for Confectioners; Directing How to Preserve all sorts of Fruits, as well dry, as liquid; also how to make divers Sugar-works, and other fine Pieces of Curiosity belonging to the Confectionary Art” in
The Court and Country Cook : Giving New and Plain Directions How to Order All Manner of Entertainments, ... London, 1702.

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