Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Subtleties&Stuffe Massialot on Sugar Boiling Part IV

Massialot continues with a section on the choice of sugars and the clarifying of those sugars. The chapter concludes with this advice advocating knowledge of the stages or "Degrees of boiling" along with "Practice":

         “The common People only judge the Sugar to be sufficiently boil’d, when the Drops that are put upon a Plate grow thick, as it were a Jelly and cease to run, any longer: Indeed this Way of boiling is proper for certain Jellies of Fruit, and for Compotes; but no great Progress would be made in the Art of Preserving, if nothing else were known: So that it is absolutely necessary to understand all the different Degrees of boiling above-specified, and the distinction is only made by those Tryals, at least without a long Practice; and even the most skillful Confectioners know nothing otherwise, after the Feathered Boiling." [p 6]

as found in
Massialot, François. “New Instructions for Confectioners; Directing How to Preserve all sorts of Fruits, as well dry, as liquid; also how to make divers Sugar-works, and other fine Pieces of Curiosity belonging to the Confectionary Art” in
The Court and Country Cook : Giving New and Plain Directions How to Order All Manner of Entertainments, ... London, 1702.

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